New Law for Nevada Teen Drivers

On January 1st, 2015, a new law went into effect that has a significant impact on Nevada teens who are eager to get their Nevada driver’s license. This new law requires a certification that the child meets the Nevada school attendance requirements set forth by law. This only affects teens under the age of 18-years old.

Now, when a teen applies for a Nevada instruction permit, they must submit a Nevada DMV form 301 (Certification of Attendance). This form can be downloaded from the Nevada DMV website here: or you can get the form from our Las Vegas driving school.

If the teen obtained their instruction permit prior to January 1st 2015, they must submit form 301 at the time they take their driving skills test.  This same form is also used to suspend or deny the driving privileges of any teen under the age of 18 when declared truant. As you can see on the form, it is completed by the school principal or school official who verifies the student meets attendance requirements.

The new law falls under Nevada Revised Statute 392.123 which requires the school to complete a written form that indicates whether or not the student has fulfilled the school district’s minimum attendance requirement. If the student has a history of truancy, they will be denied the applicable instruction permit or Nevada driver license.

The purpose of this law is to encourage school attendance and to provide a “punishment” for those who are habitually truant. Most of us would agree that a student that does not meet the required attendance requirements, barring a medical condition, could be considered to be irresponsible and therefore, not worthy of sharing the roads with responsible drivers.

This new law will have profound effects for teen drivers and should be a factor in increasing teen driving safety in the Las Vegas area. For more information regarding this new law, please contact us at