Nevada Bikes and Bike Lane Laws Explained

There is often confusion regarding how to share the roadways with those riding bicycles. This short video will help clear things up. The important things to remember are that bicycles are not considered motor vehicles, but they do have the right to operate on the roadway just like a vehicle. That means if there is a bicycle traveling in your lane, he has the right of way. You can pass them if and when it is legal to do so.

Also, it is illegal for a motor vehicle to travel or park in a bicycle lane. Unfortunately, however, this is a very common problem you will see on the roadways. If you look closely, you will often see vehicles driving in the bicycle lane prior to making a right turn. This is not legal! You can only cross a bicycle lane in your vehicle when you are making a turn into a private drive (shopping center, gas station, etc). You cannot drive in the lane to prepare for your turn.

Also, a motor vehicle cannot park on a bicycle lane. This is also a very common problem in Nevada. People park in bike lanes while waiting to pick children up for school, near parks and crowded areas, etc. This can be a very costly ticket!

Watch this video produced by NV Drivers Ed for details!