Distracted Driving Seminars for Teen Drivers

A Selma High School Resource Officer, Derek Gagnon, realizes that not all teen drivers will risk drinking & driving but he does believe the majority of teen drivers will encounter distractions while driving alone or with their friends. These could be conscious decisions like putting on makeup or texting while they drive but the distractions can also be simple things such as changing the station on the radio, opening a water bottle or simply looking over at their friend seated in the passenger seat of the vehicle. These minor distractions can, and often do, have deadly consequences.

On February 22, Gagnon, the Delma Police Department and the Selma Unified School District set out to share the dangers of drinking & driving as well as the effects of distracted driving with local students. The goal behind the effort was to increase awareness of drinking & driving and to show the dangers of distracted driving even if those distractions might seem innocent enough.

The presentation was part PowerPoint with some very sobering facts on teenage drinking and driving, distracted driving and driving while sleepy or fatigued. The remainder was a hands-on exercise where students were equipped with special goggles that simulate an intoxicated person’s vision. Students then tried to maneuver a golf cart around a closed track to see just how dangerous driving under the influence can be.

For the full story in Selma, visit this link: http://hanfordsentinel.com/selma_enterprise/news/distracted-driving-lesson-alerts-teens-to-neglectful-driving/article_ba7dbea1-3442-58a2-9137-8e4a82ab6d2c.html

Las Vegas Driving School Offers Teen Distracted Driving Seminars 

NV Drivers Ed, a local Las vegas driving school, offers similar programs throughout the Vegas Valley at various times and locations throughout the year. These seminars can be eye-opening to new and soon-to-be teen drivers. Inevitably, there is always something that teens take away from this type of training and it could be the “light bulb” that goes off when teens contemplate doing something that they know is wrong when operating a vehicle.

NV Drivers Ed uses a golf cart on a closed course so that licensed and non-licensed teens can participate. The program is completely supervised to ensure the safety of all involved. The program includes video presentations and hands-on, behind-the-wheel training. The course is expected to have a positive impact on all teens and it is geared to make them think twice about the consequences of distracted driving before they get behind the wheel. We have found that this type of hand-on training has a more profound effect on teen decision making rather than just watching videos or reading text.

If your teen could benefit from this type of training, please watch for future updates of times and locations in the Las Vegas area or contact NV Drivers Ed at 702-907-9992 for more details.