The Most Dangerous Time to Drive

It’s easy to figure out your own most dangerous time to drive–it’s when you make the decision to consume alcohol and get behind the wheel. Needless to say, consuming alcohol and driving puts you at a very high risk of becoming involved in a serious accident or at minimum, behind bars.

Common sense tells us that you are more likely to become involved in an automobile accident when there are more cars on the road or when driving in less than optimal driving conditions such as darkness and inclement weather. Things get much worse when the amount of impaired drivers hit the roads, which is common during the holiday season.

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, in 2013, there were an average of approximately 27 alcohol-related fatalities per day. But at certain times of the year, those numbers increase significantly. These times include summer and holidays. At Christmas time, those fatality numbers jump to an average of 45 per day and 54 per day over during the New Year’s holiday.

To put it simply, it’s not just one’s own intoxication that is dangerous. You can be the most sober person on the road and still fall victim to the actions of others. The video below has graphic language but it shows you just how easily you can become a victim. As you will see, the roads don’t have to be jam packed with traffic. There could be just a few cars on the road which can end in devastation.