Take Course on any Device

We have found that Nevada teens who take our online driver’s ed course get their driver’s license faster than teens taking classroom courses. This is because students can log into our online course whenever they have free time. Some students will take a module on their laptop computer when they wake up in the morning and then complete modules while they are on the go via their smartphone.

It’s simple! All you do is login in at https://nvdriversed.com and finish where you left off. Our learning management system keeps track of the time you have spent in each module so that you can always see just how much time you have left before you get your certificate to obtain your Nevada driver’s license. The course consists of text, videos and animations to help you fully understand important topics. All quizzes are open book style and the final exam includes questions from the quizzes. With our driving school Las Vegas teens (and teens across Nevada) can take our online  course and the final exam for free until you pass!