Why Your Child Needs Professional Driving Lessons in Las Vegas

driving lessonsUtilizing a Las Vegas driving school when first learning to drive is one of the best things a new driver can do. Taking driving lessons with a professional driving instructor allows new drivers to put their best foot forward from the very start. In doing so, a new driver quickly develops good habits, exceptional knowledge and confidence from the very beginning. Oftentimes, we are hired to provide driving lessons just before a student takes their driving test, only to find out that the new driver has picked up several bad driving habits that would surely sink their chances of obtaining their Nevada driver’s license on the very first try. While parents certainly do not intend to teach their children unsafe or improper driving habits, some of these bad habits just sort of “creep” in due to the parent having years and years of driving experience, not realizing that some of what they do are not completely proper, legal or safe. Some of these “bad habits” are not even known to the parent until their child employs the same bad habit during a drive test, resulting in a drive test failure.


Our Las Vegas driving school allows students to get off to an excellent start. In most cases, just a single lesson with a professional driving instructor will alleviate the anxiety a parent has when first teaching their child to drive. After a couple hours with a professional instructor, the new driver will possess the necessary skills to safely maintain their travel lane, slow and stop the vehicle when needed, accelerate smoothly, make safe lane changes and safe turn movements, just to name a few. Much of the parent’s anxiety comes from having no control over the vehicle when their child is behind the wheel.  It’s truly a powerless feeling when you are unable to stop the vehicle because you are seated in the passenger seat. Hiring a professional driving instructor to provide the very first driving lessons to your child can make all the following parent / child driving lessons much more enjoyable and panic free.


Remember, your child needs a minimum of 50-hours of supervised experience. Most of this will be spent with you – the parent, seated in the passenger seat without the ability to control the vehicle. Make that time more enjoyable and stress-free (for you and your child) by hiring a Nevada DMV licensed, professional driving instructor. Doing so will go a long, long way in your child’s driving education.


Driving schools in Las Vegas fill up quickly during summer and winter breaks. Be sure to schedule early! To schedule driving lessons in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, call us at 702-907-9992.