Red Car Myth

Many students ask, “If I buy a red car, will the police stop me more often and give me a ticket?” Some people believe that the police focus on red cars because they stand out in a crowd or they are more prone to have drivers who speed or break the law. This is probably due to insurance companies rates for sports cars. Red is a common color for sports cars and sports cars go fast. People that buy sports cars like to go fast and when they do, they crash more often than they would otherwise. Sports cars are also very expensive to repair, so insurance rates are much higher for these types of vehicles. Red has much more to do with rates of insurance for the type of vehicle than with tickets from the police. There is, however, a direct correlation to the color of the vehicle you drive and your chances of getting stopped. Studies show that you are more likely to get stopped if you drive a white car. The reason for this is simple: white is the most common color for cars. Silver or gray is the second most common color and, you guessed it, is the second-most ticketed vehicle color.

Let me assure you that the police do not focus on red cars. Our company was founded by two police officers, both with a combined four decades of police experience. Red cars are no more eye catching than a jacked up four wheel drive, a motorcycle with loud pipes or a minivan. It is a car and what attracts the attention of the police is what the driver is doing with the car. Studies have shown the color of the car makes no difference in the driver getting a ticket if it is stopped. In fact, when asked, police will tell you that it is the seriousness of the violation and the attitude of the driver that most influences their decision to issue a citation. As we all know, always be polite because you never you know if it could be the difference between a ticket and a warning.

If you like red cars, rest easy. The police are not out looking to stop you, but just remember that it is what you are doing in that red car that counts. The NV Drivers Ed Team encourages all of our students, their parents and all future drivers to remain dedicated to keeping our streets safe. It is a life long endeavor and begins at home, cultivated in young drivers and shows results all through life. Be safe, everyone!