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Insurance Discount for Teen Drivers

Taking driving lessons in Las Vegas for those who reside in and around Clark County is one of the best ways for teen drivers to get a discount on their automobile insurance. In most cases, parents of teen drivers often pay for their minor children’s automobile insurance by adding them to their own policy. Unfortunately, as most parents of teen drivers know, the cost significantly rises when a teenager is added to the policy. The reasons for this increase are obvious; you are allowing someone with very little driving experience to drive your vehicle on the streets of Las Vegas. As statistics show, teen drivers aged 16-19 are three times more likely to be involved in an accident than those aged 20 and above. Needless to say, this is why insurance rates go up significantly when a teen driver is added to an insurance policy.

There is good news, however…

Many insurance companies offer discounts for Clark County area teen drivers that take driving lessons in Las Vegas from a DMV licensed driving school. When an insurance discount is offered, the insurance companies usually require the teen driver to take at least 6-hours of driving lessons with a professional driving instructor, through a licensed Las Vegas driving school. One student recently reported to us that their carrier offered a 25% discount in exchange for her completing 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction with our school. Of course every insurance company is different and the rates and discounts will vary. The point is, you should call your carrier to see if they offer a discount for teen driving lessons (behind the wheel) and find out just how much that discount is. In most cases, the cost of driving lessons in Las Vegas may pay for itself pretty quickly by way of behind the wheel driving lessons.